What the Policy? Presents a special episode on COVID-19! In this episode, Rose-Anna and Penny talk about the difference between Federal and State Government responsibilities in Australia. They also highlight two stories of young people coming together to support vulnerable people in their communities. 

Rose-Anna and fellow policy student Sheilla talk about engaging young people in public policy. They talk about why it’s important for youth perspectives to be heard, what increased engagement could look like in Australia, and why young people aren’t really being engaged in the first place.

Special guest Luke Rycken, Policy Manager at the Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic), joins Rose-Anna to talk about YACVic’s submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System. Check out YACVic's website and social media pages to learn more.

Rose-Anna is joined by her good mate Lauren to talk about universal health care in Australia, otherwise known as Medicare. They talk about how it all works, and Rose-Anna takes Lauren on a journey to understand why Medicare has become such a fixture of Australian policy.

This episode is also the first time Rose-Anna makes good on her threat to experiment with opening jingles. 

Rose-Anna sits down with her friend Penny to talk about her experience representing Australian youth at the Y20 Summit 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

Rose-Anna was supported to attend the Y20 Summit by Global Voices.

The Y20 Summit is an engagement group of the G20, which is a group of countries that collectively represent around 80% of global trade and two thirds of the population.

In this episode of What the Policy, Rose-Anna is joined by her friend Jen to talk about the results of the Australia Federal election in 2019. There’s no clear or simple answer to the question of why the Liberal-National Coalition won, but Rose-Anna tries to explain some of the key reasons that are being talked about in the media, as well as the voting results.

Rose-Anna's 18 year old sister volunteers for the first ever episode of What the Policy! It's Jo's first time voting in an Australian federal election. The sisters talk about what the Australian Government is and what we are doing in the federal election. They also briefly talk about the technicalities of filling in the voting ballot, and how you can work out who to vote for.

In this short introductory episode, host Rose-Anna Selhorst explain what this podcast is about and why she started it.

What the Policy? is young people talking about public policy issues, ideas and how it all works without the politics and confusing language.


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